Thursday, 23 December 2010

Let it Snow

Well here in the UK we are having a LOT of snowfall, so I decided to do a collection here of great freebies and bargains for you to wear in the snow or while ice skating in SL.
This outfit "Snowbound" is available on the marketplace from Taylor Made for 50L. It comes with all the clothing you see you see apart from the Ice Skates. I got them free at Equus Winter Wonderland

This gorgeous lacy number is free at House of Beningborough

I really like this cute lil snowflake dress from Liberty's at the marketplace. Love the price 0L, I did need to resize the fluff part and added the scripts myself.
((Really easy to do, IM me TheAbsinthe Fairey in world if you would like the scripts and instructions))
The Necklace is free from H V Design also on the Market

This beauty is 1L from DCNY.
Hair in all the pictures above is the group gift from Heart Softens

Nik Nak on the Market have this lovely outfit including shoes, Angel White for 49L, for the lil girl in your life :)

Here's a couple of links to all sorts of other snow goodies 10L or under on the Market ..Here and Here

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Moxie Xmas

Moxie Polona has a whole load of goodies for you this Christmas.
If you take your man to sit on santas lap, careful, she's only little, don't squish her! :) He will receive this awesome mask AND the stunning lilac dress that he can transfer to you ;)

If you sit on her lap, you will receive this adorable dress. Santa will be there tomorrow at 11:30am SLT for 2 hours, I think that is the last chance to get these so make sure you get down there ;)

These 3 dresses are all in the half price sale till 24th Dec. This one is 250L and worth every penny, absolutely incredible textures and attention to detail

200L for this candy striped one

And 175L for this one. All 3 modelled by the beautiful Lizzie Ryba, my dear friend. Thank you Lizzie! :))

Ho Ho Ho!!

Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them, and again to see them massive!

Ho, Ho, Ho Wear is giving 12 gifts to us all this year, they are against the walls either side of the shop. This one is called Santa's Lil Helper and I love it so damn much!! I have shrunk the hat in edit though.
The hair is from the advent at Alli & Ali, it's random which one you will get but you know her styles are all gorgeous :)

This cute little number, including boots is from Barbie Bitch it's group gift, go into the store and to the back room, it's right behind the dividing wall

This cutie is from G Sloane Couture ((Sorry I can't remember if it's a subscribo, gift or what but I do know it's free!))

The little goodie is the gift from Seldom Blue this year, your lover will be champing at the bit when they see you cavorting around in this delicious lingerie set!

Angelwing are doing Advent gifts for 20L every day, this red suit is todays. Old ones are either side of it for 100L, the cute Frost Fairy below is one of them.

Merry Christmas one and all :))

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Christmas Treats 2

This beauty is in the Advent Calendar at LaVie, find the Santa house between the 2 skin stores and it's in front of that

This snowflakes Tatt is also in the LaVie Advent Calendar all are 1L and will be there till 30th Dec, although the gifts go up to the 24th
This gorgeous Lace Dress is 50L in the Marketplace from TutyFruity, it comes in many colours, click on "Visit this store" to the right on the page.

This is an amazing Gift in the Peace On Earth Hunt from Tres Beau WOW!
The Boots are from Marketplace TeknoArtia Designers for only 10L, they come in Red and Black too. I have actually tinted these darker and taken off the shine

Loving this cutie, got it in the Lucky Board at Neko-Kan. It turns every 5 mins and is well worth waiting for.

This is another great bargain at the Marketplace, BB Fashion 15L only and fantastic textures

Christmas Treats

This uber cute dress, complete with teddies clinging to you, is in the Lucky Board at Sleeping Girl 15 minute change letter

This is a treat from the new SL Marketplace Dank Passion
It's not free but at a mere 99L and for the amazing quality, it's a steal. The boots ARE free from the Market also at Milady's and are very high heeled and totally yummy

Omg I love this so much! It's truly unique and totally free from ClubMermaid you land by the 5 min Lucky Board which has the festive green, red and gold Mermaid for you (Top), just along from it is the Santa one as a gift.

This skin is from Elegant Epiffany, this one is Jarna Tanned. It's in the group history along with 11 others. The makeup on the top one is one of the gifts under the tree at the store
Eyes are the Xmas Gift at Poetic Colors

Friday, 4 June 2010

Pretty Coloouuurrsss

These "Fantasy Rainbow" Skins are 1L each at Cupcakes, along with 7 other colours, not sure how long they will be there so get down there while you can.
Hairs are both from the Hairy Situations closing down Sale, The white one is the "Winehouse" from out in the yard 25L and the other one is "Callie" from inside at 40L I think. Both styles come in multiple colours, you just choose which set you want.
These gorgeous "Cosmic Dream" Eyes are the latest fantastic Freebie at Poetic Colors. I think they match the eye makeup perfectly!
This pretty "Floral Halter" is the new subscribo Gift at G Field.

Heido Ho

This awesome outfit "Easy Rider" is 25L till tomorrow morning at the wonderful Ho Wear. It includes the shades and guns and has top and pant options.
The Hair was on an MM from Ali & Alli, "Tekesha". TP HERE and follow the red arrow, wait for a black sign on the counter to rez to pick up a full list of all their MM boards with SLUrls